Who is Rami Meir?

Israeli artist living in Russia and Israel. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 11 April 1962. His birth name is Rachamim Migirov.

Rami Meir studied at Baku Art College where he specialized in embossing on art objects and jewellery. He started taking interest in pictorial art also in his student days. He began to study styles and artistic movements and try out various techniques all by himself. However, Rami Meir started painting professionally only at a mature age. Following the dictates of his heart, he began to create the history of his people, the Mountain Jews of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia, in his paintings. To the artist’s own surprise, his artwork captured the attention of critics and collectors.

Биография Rami Meir
Rami Meir Кавказские красавицы

What is known for?

He created a series of paintings "Mountain Jews" - more than 40 canvases, based on documentary material about the life, everyday life, occupations and crafts, clothes and jewelry of the Mountain Jews of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia.

Using old postcards and photographs, Meir studied faces, characters, fabrics and textures of clothing of Mountain Jews, from books - customs, crafts and history. He collected all this knowledge, as well as his own childhood memories, stories of relatives in a series of paintings dedicated to his native people.

At the same time, he collected the parables of the Mountain Jews into a book and called it "A Sip of Wisdom". The book became a kind of semantic addition to a series of paintings by Mountain Jews.

What is the aesthetics of creativity?

Rami Meir has a reputation as a cheerful artist with a very deep philosophical aesthetics of his work. The artist actually goes against modern provocative art, which shows social, gender, ideological conflicts, prefers provocative forms, “fast”, technologized techniques and, in general, goes back to the mass market. Rami Meir continues the laborious tradition of mastering artistic brushwork, searching for a deep philosophical image and a form that is very understandable to the viewer.

But the main and unchanging thing in Meir's work is the creation of exceptionally life-affirming plots.

This is a conscious choice of the artist. The Israeli is convinced that the task of art is to inspire a person, to cause joy. It is the spirituality from art that leads to catharsis, and emotional upheavals from tough topics - to anguish and spiritual breakdown.

The artist's task is to arouse feelings in a person's soul that bring him closer to the Almighty. And this is love, kindness, admiration for beauty, generosity.

The space in which the paintings are located is filled with a state of well-being and joy. And these sensations are greatly enhanced when the master himself appears next to the canvas.

Картины Рами Меир

What are the other topics addressed by the artist?

Rami Meir’s art is multifaceted and eclectic. Many of his artworks are tied to the religious symbolics of universal religions or the prodigies of nature. Such are plants breaking through the concrete, the water blessing all flesh, and the images of the holy places for all religions.

The backbone statement within Rami Meir’s entire art is as follows: the purpose of life is to help the millions find their purpose! It means helping as many people as possible to become happy, creative and, as a result, able to help others. In current times, there is probably no other goal of more relevance than this one.

Мировоззрение Rami Meir

What can you see at Rami Meir Art Studio?

In the artist's studio, courtyards, markets, shops, houses and faces of Mountain Jews of the end of the nineteenth century coexist with images of modern Israel. Melancholic landscapes with motifs of hermitage interact with the abundant pomegranate orchards of Azerbaijan and finish with images of fabulous trees, which either dreamed of the artist in childhood, or already in adulthood led him into the ideal world of positivist magical realism.

But most importantly, no matter how varied the artist manifests himself in his subjects, the theme of love and general well-being, joy and abundance draws the viewer into a prosperous and kind world from literally every picture.

This is the energy of Rami Meir's works - strong, life-affirming, putting a person on the only true and ultimately possible path in this world - the path of the Creator, the likeness of the Almighty through his deeds, thoughts and relationships.

Rami Meir Art Gallery


The artist takes plots for paintings from reality, he is convinced that "nature is perfect, it already has everything, you just need to see the beauty." Meir's art is intellectual, emotional, holistic.

Directions: symbolism, contemporary art.
Technique: canvas / oil, color.
Wood carving, marble sculpture.
Copper and silver embossing.

Exposition Rami Meir in VDNKh

About childhood

Parents raised little Rahamim in the traditions of the Mountain Jews, on the wisdom of the ancient Jewish people, the parables of King Solomon and other sages. At the age of 15, he began to study his religion, as well as other world religions. All this shaped the character of the future artist, his values, laid the foundation for his understanding of the world and the rules of life. And in the future, it significantly influenced creativity.

Meir's art is permeated with valuable images dating back to the knowledge of the great Jewish sages about peace and prosperity, about the science of happiness and prosperity, about life, place and role of man in the universe.

The artist himself in his life follows the benefactors of kindness, respect of man for man, love and adherence to the image of the Creator.

Rami Meir's youth and childhood
Rami Meir's youth
Rami Meir's artist youth
Rami Meir's youth


Exhibited all over the world. Works are in private collections in Russia, the USA and Israel, as well as in the museum collection of the State Museum of the East (Russia).

Chairman of the Union of Artists of Mountain Jews of Russia.
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Member of the Union of Artists of Mountain Jews of Israel.
Member of the Writers' Union of the Mountain Jews of Israel.

Rami Meir's exposition at VDNKh

What else?

The artist accompanies each of his paintings with an author's statement, which he writes on the back of the canvas. The statement reveals to the viewer the philosophical symbolism of the image.

Rami Meir writes poetry, aphorisms and parables.

Published the book "A Sip of Wisdom", which was published in Russian and Azerbaijani languages, and also translated into Hebrew, Farsi and English.

Released a series of postcards for his paintings.

Recorded 2 music albums. The author of all lyrics. This is philosophical music about values ​​and the meaning of life, which is closest to the tradition of bardic songs.

Designer, creator of author's interiors.