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Singer Artist Inspirer

Rami Meir

— Rami Meir is an Israeli artist who was born in Azerbaijan and now living in Russia. In addition to his skill as an artist, Rami Meir is also a poet, the author of song lyrics and a singer as ell as the author of idioms, aphorisms and parables.

  • Member of the mountain Jewish Writer's Union of Israel
  • Chairman of the Union of Mountain Jews Artists of Russia.

Биография Rami Meir
About painting classes

Rami Meir took up painting in vocational school. In Baku he was taught the skills of “engraver of artistic goods and jewellery”, in addition to that, he began painting pictures. Then the author moved to Israel for a long period of time.

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He was born in a Mountain Jewish family on April 12, 1962 in Baku - capital city of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. The name given to the artist by birth is Rakhamim Migirov.

He was raised in the traditions of Mountain Jews and on the wisdom of ancient Jewish people and parables of King Solomon. At the age of 15 the author started studying Judaism along with the other world religions. Later that had a significant influence on artist’s creativity

Мировоззрение Rami Meir